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Implementation of project Thinkquest has been successfully implemented in the vidyalaya from the academic session 2005-2006.


No of teachers enrolled:    64




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Thinkquest Achievements 2009-10

We submitted 13 websites in the Thinkquest Website Competition 2009. Out of these, the following websites made to the Thinkquest Library:

1.  Ayurveda- Road to Healthy Living   (Under-19)

2. Race for Superiority (Under-15)

  1. Bandhani- Tie and Dye (Under -15)

  1. Values (Under-12)


  1. Journey of Clothes  (Under-12)



Learning Projects

The teachers have taken units from different textbooks and converted them to projects. It is observed that our students could comprehend better and get more interested when they study through projects. Some of the successful projects are listed here.

This project is in the 'TQ Spotlight'. It is for class VII. It covers the subjects- English Language Arts, Science and Social Science.

This project is for all the levels of English learners. It concerns with spelling rules.

This project is basically for Class X, but is useful for other classes too. Teaching of Main Course Book in classes IX & X is a challenge for the teachers. This project shows one way teaching the units in this book.

This project provides a Question Bank for the Literature Reader of Class X. It is very useful for the preparation of the Board Exams.

Children hate doing holiday homework, but love watching movies during vacations. To combine fun with studies, I designed this project. My students prepared the reviews of the movies they watched during their summer vacation. In this way, homework was not a burden for them.

This project is based on first unit of the Main Course Book of Class IX. This is also a method to develop the vocabulary of the students.

This project is to kindle the creative spark in the students.

This project helps in relating literature to the real life of the students. 'Ode to the West Wind' is a challenging poem at Class X level. This project focuses on the poem, as well as on 'Teenage Depression'.

This project was developed during the Winter Break. The students conducted a survey of TV viewing habits in their locality and wrote reports.

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